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Essay代写:The experience of studying in the United States

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The experience of studying in the United States,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了美国留学的经历。作者在去美国留学之前,一直认为美国是一个种族歧视非常严重的国家,但事实上并非如此,美国人对待他人其实是非常友善的。语言是困扰作者的首要问题,虽然他学习英语很久了,但还是很难和外国人正常交流,好在有美国朋友帮助,才让作者的口语水平提升上来。美国作为超级大国,它的平等和包容无疑起到了很大的作用。


When I came to America, a brand-new place to me, I was at a loss. It was because in China, America was depicted as a land where racial discrimination pervaded. As an Asian, I felt pressured for I was suddenly surrounded by white people whose appearance looked totally different from mine. Black hair and eyes made me “stand out” from waves of white people. I never generated a sense of inferiority for my color, but what really mattered to me was the sense of strangeness that made me struggle to count myself among the white. It was difficult to adapt to the strange environment.

Actually, that was not groundless. In my hometown China, the local people tend to blink at foreigners——especially those whose colors are apparently different like white and black. And such phenomenon can be traced back to China’ s long-standing culture.


China is a country with long history. People here accord highly importance to traditions and ethics. Chinese generations have been accustomed to monotonous conventions. As is known to all, there has been just 30-odd years since China’ s efforts in reform and opening-up. Before the monumental move, China turned inward and attempted to live in isolation from the outside world particularly the western countries. That can be attributed to socialist philosophy it adhered to and the miserable wars launched by the countries in modern times. The early leadership in China made efforts to draw a clear line between socialism and capitalism so that Chinese people held animosity against the white people, which now has been transformed into a sense of strangeness. In other words, Chinese usually take foreigners as an astonishing stuff even today. And I treated the white and black likewise before I came to America.   

However, such stereotyped illusion broke apart after I lived in America for some time. Americans behaved more inclusive and warm-hearted than I expected. This can be traced to America’ s origin as a melting pot where people of all colors could find a place here. It seemed that what I think about America was nothing but prejudice.

Language was the primary problem that plagued me. Although I learned English for a rather long time, it was difficult to understand and communicate with foreigners. I came to realize that what I learned about English in China was just nothing as a joke. I felt frustrated and lacked courage to take the initiative to talk with foreign people. I behaved like an introvert and this could generate misunderstanding against me.

Nevertheless, Americans treated me in a friendly way that astonished me. The much-talked issue of racial discrimination seem a groundless rumor as Asians and Africans can be treated as equal as Europeans. As a Chinese student, I was good at English grammar but speaking was by no means my trademark. I could not make sense what processors said in class so that my academic work was in danger. Beyond that, when I attempted to express myself, I often failed to find appropriate words to say. And my word diversity was poor.

Fortunately, one of my American friends brought me though the dilemma. He sometimes acted as a “translator” for me and voluntarily kept me company. If I couldn’t understand what others said, he always stepped forward and explained it to me with his body language, though sometimes he appeared funny. Besides, he was my speaking teacher who got my pronunciation right and tried to remove my accent. As learned in English books in China, if a Chinese was greeted with “How are you?”, then the standard, unified answer might be “Fine, thank you”. This was what generations of Chinese children learned from textbooks. But my friend told me to change from the unified answer to “I’ m good”. That might be, I think, my first step away from “Chinglish” to idiomatic English language. And it could be ascribed to my friend’ s help.

Apart from that, although I seldom talked, my friends never put a label on me as a “freak” or “arrogant guy”. They could fully understand my embarrassment and encouraged me to speak more. Thanks to their warm encouragement, I managed to shrug off trepidation about speaking and now I can talk with foreigners without pressure. Besides, they even gave me a hand in terms of academic work by borrowing notes to me. And I really appreciated that.

My life in America broadened my horizon by bringing me different cultures and changing my prejudice against America. It is a dynamic country where people of almost all colors, identities and religions can bring out their best. It provides a level playing field for all and people here are friendly to migrants, which fazed me in my first days in America. It is not groundless that America stands as a superpower in the world for decades. It is its equality and inclusiveness that help maintain its international status.




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