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Assignment代写:Color expresses emotion

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Color expresses emotion,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了色彩表达情感。色彩作为视知觉的一种呈像方式,因其强烈的视觉吸引力和独特的情感象征性被广泛运用于艺术作品中。通常,红色代表刺激、兴奋,黄色代表安静、愉快,蓝色则被赋予一种忧郁、悲哀的情调。但是,色彩不仅仅如此简单地传达着某一特定情绪,同样的色彩因明度和饱和度的不同,甚至是使用者的心理状态不同、社会背景和文化差异的不同,都会表达出不一样的情绪。


Color, as a form of visual perception, is widely used in art works due to its strong visual appeal and unique emotional symbolism. In the three films of red, white and blue, director kiereslowski narrates and expresses with color as the theme. In the analysis of the film's color, the changes of color in the film's light and shade changes, and the changes in the expression of emotion caused by different proportion distribution.

The world in the human eye is full of color, no matter in the nature of flowers, flowers, willows and greens, or red walls and white tiles in social life, color architecture of the human world's profusion and integrity. In the field of art, color is more widely used in all art forms that can be appealed to visual. As the saying goes, "look at the color before you look at the flowers." in the visual world formed by colors and forms, colors can always take the lead because of their strong visual perception ability. It is this strong appeal, make the color in the build scenes, apply colors to a drawing atmosphere aspects of innate superiority, especially in terms of expressing emotions, including the color, it also makes the color becomes an important means of artistic expression.

According to arnheim, color produces emotional experience, and the reaction to color is the passivity of the observer and the directness of experience. Since ancient times, human beings have the consciousness of expressing emotion with color. The use of color in humans began when primitive man applied paint to his face or torso. In primitive society, people used red iron ore powder to decorate the tomb, and used the image of "blood" to appeal to the fear of death and the desire for life. The original rock paintings were also painted with red earth to show bloody killing scenes. In painting, western painting color to construct the magnificent light shadow dappled light and shade, or a Chinese ink and wash in the "five colors" ink points to infiltrate the peaceful elegant long artistic conception, color plays an important role in their products. With the development of science and people's deep understanding of optics and physiology, color has been widely used and studied as a theory. With the development of film and photography art, color has gradually been recognized as a fundamental art based on optical imaging technology. Poland director's day what he chiellini, rove of "blue" "white" "red" trilogy is such a color as the theme, full with color series of narrative and lyrical.

The direct psychological effect of color comes from the direct influence of the physical light stimulation of color on the physiological occurrence of human beings. Experiments on people's reaction to color verified by psychological experiments show that people's physiological and psychological reactions to color stimulation are different. In at trial, when muscles are colored lights illuminate, its elasticity increases, blood circulation will be accelerated, the degree of change "in blue as the minimum, and in turn according to the order of the green, yellow, orange, red gradually increase". In terms of psychological reactions, some experiments have proved that subjects' treatment of different colors will produce different psychological emotions such as warmth, weight, brightness and depression.

The feeling of cold and warm is the color temperature that we often say, it is a kind of color perception phenomenon that color sense and temperature are linked. In general, long wavelengths like red, orange and yellow are called warm colors because they correspond to the wavelengths reflected by the sun and firelight. In the same way, green, blue and purple are also called cool colors.

The difference between lightness and heaviness of color is the feeling of color and weight. Bright colors are always associated with light objects, while dark colors are associated with heavy objects. The weight sense of color helps to form a specific color, and plays a certain role in picture balance and composition stability.

Color lightness and depression mainly depend on saturation, brightness, and tone. No matter what color, as long as the saturation is high, it will give people a bright and pure feeling, and conversely, it will give people a feeling of depression. The same hue, the same saturation, the brighter the brighter the brighter, the dimmer the more depressed.

Kieslovsky's blue, white, and red songs range from the cool blue to the warm red to the medium white. "The blue," Julie swim in the swimming pool of the scene, the color of the water was director processing becomes a high saturation of blue, give a person a kind of sad Julie anesthesia plunged into the icy water their feelings; In white, domenico is so light and smart in her white wedding dress. In red, valentina is always dressed in black or gray, but a red sweater inside breaks the darkness and silence.

Color is well known for its expressiveness. Ordinary people can perceive the specific performance of various colors. The conventional wisdom is that red stands for excitement, excitement, yellow for quiet, pleasure, and blue for a melancholy, mournful mood. But, the color is not just so simple to convey a specific emotion, the same color hetuvidya degree and degree of saturation is different, and even the user's state of mind, different social background and cultural differences of different, the different relationships between different color, will express different emotions. In the "blue" and "white" and "red" trilogy, kiereslowski named the film after the color of the French flag, blue for freedom, white for equality, and red for fraternity. The reason why the director made such a choice and arrangement is that these three colors are highly consistent with the tone and theme of the film. In this three bold use of color to elaborate the story in the film, of blue, white, red three kinds of color is applied, on the one hand is to put the color as the image composition and layout of the scene: a kind of shaping the visual image of the tools on the other hand, boldly of color gives profound emotional connotation, with color to represent the character's situation and the change of the psychological development, promote the film narrative.

In every work of art, no matter whether color is endowed with symbolic meaning or not, the visual perception ability of color itself must be taken into account. Art creators in the use of color, the first to consider the color in the composition of the category, colour is harmonious collocation with other colors, or use this color to set the scene things is in line with the reality of the primary colors, can be accepted by the audience and understand... In "blue", "white", "red" trilogy, the director in the visual capacity and reality, to the extent permitted to the best possible use of blue, white and red color as main color of color film, respectively. Can be seen from the film scene arrangement, the "red" Laos judge home use red, red curtain, sofa, wall paper cup and actor clothing, street lights, even the red car parked on the side of the road and the red dog around his neck collar, ever-present in the color attention getter. Also is indoor scene arrangement, the hero in "white" is replaced by the polish from the wall in the home, white porcelain, in the "blue" into the wall of the turquoise, blue window and blue crystal droplight. The use of these colors makes the film obtain a high visual aesthetic feeling in the picture.

"Blue" is the first part of kiyevsky's "red", "white" and "blue" trilogy. This film contains the director's original conception and interpretation of color. Blue tonal slant is cold, and the visual sense of the sea in reality, sky is same, give a person a kind of calm, melancholy, mysterious symbol means.

In this film, there are more than 20 obvious USES of blue, which are in line with the promotion of the story and the expression of the characters' emotions. A few lens before the film's opening is on the highway grey-blue tire features high speed, close-up of children in blue wrappers, and the subsequent car crash passage pale blue sky is tonal, it set the tone of the film, will also be blue links to cars, and links to the car accident, the tragic and painful memories. The film begins with an air of blue, a mood of melancholy and sadness that has lingered ever since. In a car accident passage introduces a non party - a boy by the side of the road, the character of entry to a car accident event introduced a spectator point of view, can be more calm and objective to describe the event, this technique is largely different from Hollywood narrative, just think if it's a Hollywood film will close about traffic accident of the process, but the film did not do so, because of the "blue" this movie lens language is calm, directors are also illustrated with blue this calm. This coolness is not absolute, but fluctuates with the heroine's mood. When Julie home from the hospital alone with an empty room, very dramatic blue light efficiency and pathetique passionate symphonies, expressed the Julie inner hidden already a long time of intense grief burst out in an instant. With the change of the protagonist's mood, the lightness and saturation of blue also changed. The scene of the swimming pool appears four times in the film. The water in the pool varies in color. For the first time, after jolie moved into a new house, the water was pure blue. The second was the boy see the necklace will crash back jolie Julie rejected the necklace is the symbol of love and her husband, at this time the color of water is extremely intense aromas of dark blue, the third was Zhu Lifang cat to catch mice, transparent light blue color of the water here is, Julie is no longer lonely, because now she has a friend to help her deal with: The last time the pool of water back to the rich dark blue again, Julie met her husband's mistress and learned that he loved her, and his mistress with a husband of the same flesh and blood, the Julie is not in the water to swim, but plunged into the water, showing only a pool of still water, and then Julie flung out of the water, suggested that under the calm Julie rough inner struggle and struggle. The application of these four colors perfectly shows Julie's emotional journey from sipping pain alone to closing her heart to gradually opening her heart, and finally to nirvana in pain and gaining the freedom of her heart.

In addition to the different emotional changes brought by the change of light and shade, the proportion of color in artistic works also symbolizes the strong change of emotional expression. At the beginning of red, there is a scene in which the heroine valentina models for the photographer. In the scene, valentina stands in front of a large piece of red silk and tries to make a sad expression. In the static picture, the red color covered with the picture symbolizes valentina's inner uneasiness. At the same time, the fresh red color expresses the vitality of youth and will save the soul with love. In blue, blue is not evenly distributed in the one-hour, 20-minute film. Blue after opening up, with the transformation of time and space, blue less and less, in addition to the lyric passages, to the second part of the film is almost extinct, the end of the blue but surge reached its peak, as if a blue symphony, make the film at the end of the light blue atmosphere. This uneven distribution is in line with the mood of the characters and the expression of the film.

There are numerous examples in kiyevsky's "red," "white," and "blue" trilogy that use color as a symbol of a character's inner feelings. The symbolic meaning of color is transmitted in the expression of color, and is endowed with a variety of psychological meaning by society and individuals. It is the advantage of color in emotional expression that makes color become an effective means for artists to create art. Chiellini, rove, it is in blue, white and red this three basic color, make the classic three immortalized in the film history, in the use of color to create artistic aesthetic feeling at the same time, the perfect interpretation of personal understanding of the spirit of freedom, equality, fraternity and comprehension. Only when an artist has mastered the language of color and understood the character of color, can he use color as a means to express the colorful real life and people's inner spirit in the art world.


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